Sunday, February 5, 2012

What's that thing on Jude’s collar?

You might have noticed something on Jude’s collar and wondered what it was.    

It’s his GPS tracking system!  All my Beagles have them.  As we all know Beagles lead with their noses so it’s a safety device if they happen to get out of the yard unaccompanied.  They are also all microchipped.   

Fortunately, no Beagle has gotten out since owning the device so I can’t tell you how well it works.  I can tell you that I can track where they are at all times on my phone and computer and that I’m notified both by text and email if they're out of their “safe zone”  (i.e. we forgot to turn the device off when we take them for a walk).  Also, the device is lightweight, attaches easily to any collar and the dogs don’t seem to mind wearing them.  If you are interested in purchasing one I recommend researching them online to figure out which one is best for your dog.            

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