Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bath Day!

We have a wonderful groomer who comes over to the house to bathe the dogs.  So it couldn't be any easier.  While it’s a day I look forward to, I often find the boys hiding in various locations as soon as the van pulls up.  The slowest one to hide goes first, which is usually Jude because he’s the newest family member and hasn’t quite caught on yet.    

Jude looking very clean and handsome!

Up next Dreyfus.  When I first adopted Dreyfus he was so filthy that after two baths he was still dirty!  I'm told that Dreyfus lays down during his entire bath and he prefers to be towel dried.  Who can blame him.  

Dreyfus post bath.  A little mad but clean!

Victor is the last to go usually.  I worry the most about him during his bath because he has intervertebral disk disease.  But he's always so happy and up beat afterwards, so I like to think the bath is therapeutic for him.  

Victor clean, soft and ready for the next activity.

Bath day is also a little bittersweet because I can't help but miss Lucy.   I wouldn't say that she loved getting a bath but she tolerated it very well. 

Lucy getting a bath

The fun always took place after the bath when she would race around the house with a toy in her mouth completely wild and out of control.  It was so much fun to watch and try to catch her.  No matter how bad of a day you were having or how much you just wanted to get her dry and move on with your day, you couldn't help but laugh.  When we lived in New York City we'd let her run up and down the hallway of our apartment building.  She was so funny.  Racing up and down the hall.

Miss you little one!

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