Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Brief Introduction to My Current Beagle Family!

Jude 7 years old

Hey Jude!  Cute as a button and a little bit of a trouble maker!  He suffers from isolation anxiety but thankfully his fine as long as he's with his fellow pack members (canine or human).  Loves any kind of treats.  Rescued June 2011.

Dreyfus approximately 6 years old

Dreyfus is a heartworm survivor!  He's the best dog ever (sorry Jude and Victor!).  Extremely well behaved.  He loves a good walk and chasing rabbits!  Rescued April 2009.

Victor 14 years old

Victor suffers from intervertebral disc disease but thankfully is doing very well on medications.  History of cutaneous hemangiosarcoma.  He loves to be petted nonstop and treats!  Rescued August 2008.

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